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Colibri Document Pockets
Features :
Document Protection Pockets Our document pockets are designed for quick and easy preservation of a multitude of items. You can protect sensitive documents, photographs, blueprints, artwork, film, media (CD’s, DVD’s) and any other item that needs archival quality protection.

Part Numbers: A1=02.1007; A2=02.1006; A3=02.1004; A4=02.1005

The CoLibri System is an innovative internationally patented book protection system. With CoLibri, you can quickly and easily apply a special transparent, custom fitted durable and protective covering to your books and documents. In just 20 seconds.

Using the Document Pockets and the Colibri Pocket Machine (01.1001) you can easily protect items up to 23” Tall x 33.75” Wide.

The Colibri System can save you time and money!

Technical Specifications

Dimensions A1 = 23.39” x 34.26”
A2 = 16.77” x 24.41”
A3 = 11.69” x 17.72”
A4 = 8.27” x 12.87”
A0 = 47.5” x 33.125”
Case Quantity

A1 & A2 = 25/Box
A3 & A4 = 50/Box
A0 = 15/Box

Weight Varies
Selling Unit Box of 15 / 25 / 50 Pockets
Thickness 3.5 Mils
Material Non Toxic, Acid Free Polyethylene
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