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Frama Taxmeter Series The Taxmeter Series from Frama AG, Switzerland help automate the Revenue Collection Process for the Government Of India in a secure, reliable and efficient way.

Taxmeters allow the Government of India to collect Stamp Duty and other taxes/ duties in the most reliable and secure manner. A taxmeter essentially maintains the complete audit trail while allowing users to print stamp duty or other instruments. Frama AG has developed a unique Remotely Managed Taxmeter System that helps the Revenue Department across India to collect Duties and Taxes in the most efficient and convenient way. The State Governments benefit from the Frama Taxmeter Solution by providing quick service, maintain better accountability, secure and receive payments in advance. With the help of the Remotely Managed System, the Government can view the entire system, receive reports and increase revenue by automating the collection and disbursal process quickly and reliably.

TelePost represents Frama AG to implement its Taxmeter Solution across India.


Thermal Cartridges In Dual Ink

Secure with it! The  ink-ribbon cassette is another Frama exclusive that is enviroment-friendly. The patented ribbon allows the impressions printed to be Highly Secure. One layer prints standard data while other allows data encryption and decryption - a unique and patented technology only from Frama AG. The printed cartridge can be stored for more than 100 years without loss of data.

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