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Letter Opener Access B400
Features :
Frama letter openers with slitting technology guarantee the best results

Sophisticated slitting technique  
Opening letters by hand is neither efficient nor convenient. Frama letter openers perform this task with astonishing perfection: entirely automatically, cleanly and rapidly, enabling you to use your time more profitably. The mail hardly arrives before it is opened and ready for further processing.

  Brilliant technology: Slitting instead of cutting. This reduces the danger of damaged letter contents and eliminates problems with paper clips. Further benefits include no bothersome disposal of cutting waste, no risk of paper scraps in the opener.
  Thick letters? No problem! The letter opener Access B400 slits open letters up to 10 mm thick – the B300 up to 6.5 mm – with no presorting required, thanks to the machine’s utomatic adjustment to the letter thickness. The opened letters are neatly stacked before you know it.
  Large format mail? This too is absolutely no problem! Large format letters up to C4 / B4 can be conveniently inserted and opened with the letter opener Access B300. The large feed table enables the letter opener Access B400 to process large formats, even from stacks.
  Greatest operational convenience: Simply place the stack of letters onto the feed table and push it over the release mechanism: And away it goes. No sorting, no presetting, no buttons to press. The letters are automatically fed into the slitting device.
  Everything functions fully automatically: Frama letter openers are switched on and off automatically when letters are inserted. If a letter that is too thick is inserted into the letter opener Access B400, it is automatically rejected, making jammed letters a thing of the past.
  Would you like to open letters on multiple sides? No problem! Frama letter openers take care of this for you, opening two sides in two work steps. With the letter opener Access B400, you can take this a step further and even open C6/5 and C5 formats on three sides with the letter guide.
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