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Frama Letter Opener B300
Features :
Saves you a lot of time opening your post – every single day!

The letter opener Access B300 opens stacks of incoming post at up to 250 letters per minute – however big or small the format, and from the thinnest envelopes right up to 6.5 mm thick. Thanks to its perfect slitting technology, there are no waste cuttings and no damaged content. Just put the whole stack in at the front – no need to loosen it – and take out the neatly stacked opened letters at the back. It starts up automatically when you load the stack, and shuts down when the job is done. What could be simpler, faster and more convenient?


The letter opener Access B300 slits envelopes rather than cutting them. Your benefits:
No damaged content, no staples get in the way, and no waste cuttings to dispose of.

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