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Sonda AFIS
Automated Fingerprint Identification System
Features :
  • Identification of the criminals, who left the palm latents at the scene of crime committing.
  • Identification of the unidentified corpses, including the ones killed in the acts of terrorism, catastrophes or natural disasters.
  • Identification of individuals being in the International Investigation.
  • Identification of the incapable citizens.
  • Identification of a concrete individual participation in the criminal actions on the international queries of Interpol, FBI, Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  • Revealing of the homeless people’s connection to the crime committing.

The Sonda AFIS is a patented software for PC of any type (functions in Windows XP/2000/2003/NT, Linux).

Functions of AFIS "Sonda":

  • Entering of tenprints from the paper carrier using a flatbed scanner or from the inkless fingerprint “live” scanner,
  • Entering of the finger and palm latents captured from the scenes of crime, from the paper carriers and films with the help of a tablet scanner or directly from the latent carriers with the help of video input or from graphical files (bmp; jpg and others),
  • Interactive encoding of fingerprints, palmprints and latents captured from the unsolved scenes of crime,
  • Interactive recoding of tenprints and latents that are stored in database,
  • Correction of the arrangement of the tenprints integral features, displayed after automatic classification (first processing),
  • Storing of tenprints, latents and search results (recommended lists) in database,
  • Visual comparison of two tenprints, of a latent with a tenprint, of two latents without preliminary launch of the latent search,
  • Analysis of the searching results,
  • Viewing of the recommended lists,
  • Manual and automatic forming of a search query “Tenprint-Tenprint”, “Tenprint-Latent”, “Latent-Tenprint”, “Latent-Latent”, “Latent-Palm”, and “Palm-Latent”,
  • Merging of two and more tenprints in one with the selection of the best fingerprints (manually or automatically),
  • Design and printout of a phototable (latent-tenprint),
  • Printout of the tenprint copies and latent cards using a printer,
  • Import and export of tenprints and latents to transfer them to the different AFIS using electronic carriers, including international ANSI and NIST formats,
  • Interchange of the dactyloscopic information, realization of searches and getting the results from the remote AFIS “Sonda” using e-mail or modem connection,
  • Service functions,
  • System administration,
  • Statistic reports,
  • Analysis of integrity and DB restoration.

The AFIS “Sonda” is a system of the new generation, supporting databases from several tens or hundred of thousand tenprints on the regional level, up to millions on the government level.

The high reliability and efficiency of AFIS Sonda with the DB of large size are provided with the use of the powerful servers and disc RAID-massifs, Oracle databases, operating system Windows for workstations and Unix servers and standard network protocols. High-powered personal computers are used as computers for the workstations.

The AFIS “Sonda” has additional programs that are very comfortable for users:

  • A testing program for the flatbed scanners used to ascertain the scanner compatibility with the AFIS and to evaluate scanning speed.
  • Tenprints entering and arrangement of integrals operator training program.
  • Latent encoding operator training program.

Telepost is a registered supplier & has required certifications from the National Crime Records Bureau (Ministry of Home Affairs), New Delhi for Automated Finger Print Identification System.

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